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    Nitewhite replacement syringes

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    Teeth Bleaching refills


    3 x filled gel syringes 2.6grams/2.4cc each 16% carbamide peroxide with brief patient instructions. Mint flavoured

    Carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide which permeates through the enamel and causes the yellow coloured layer to become lighter in colour permanantly. Has been used in our surgery for 10 years and is the most effective and reliable home bleaching solution.

    Used in the home bleaching technique ONLY, where your dentist has constructed specific guards for the use of this product. This product also contains potassium nitrate to reduce sensitivity. This mini kit for bleaching should only be used with your bleaching trays and these should fit well over your teeth. It is recommended that your teeth be cleaned professionally before use to remove all stains and get maximum whitening.Please see our guide to teeth whitening

    This is a dentist supplied product only and should only be used by people whose teeth have been checked by their dentist, and have had dentist made bleaching trays to fit their mouth. There are many situations where bleaching may not be suitable. Keep this product away from children and use only as directed. The product may cause sensitivity during the bleaching process, please consult with your dentist .


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