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    Neutralfluor 5000 toothpaste

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    Neutralfluor 5000 toothpaste - recommended for 10 year olds and over with a high rate of decay. A high rate of decay is usually having two or three decayed or treated teeth in your mouth


    We recommend this toothpaste for patients with a high rate of tooth decay.  The ingredients in Neutralfluor 5000 help to remineralise damaged enamel and reduce the activity of bacteria that cause decay..  Neutrafluor should only be recommended by your dentist and care should be taken around young children.


    In fact, with prolonged use, this toothpaste will even make your tooth enamel more resistant to breakdown and decay!



    56g tube containing 1.1% neutral sodium fluoride in a toothpaste.


    Directions for Use: Follow these instructions unless otherwise instructed by your dentist or doctor.

    1. Adults and children 10 years and older: apply a thin ribbon of NeutraFluor 5000 Plus   
     to soft, small headed toothbrush. Brush teeth thoroughly for two minutes.
    2. After use, spit out. For best results, do not eat or drink for 30 minutes.


    Use Instead of your regular toothpaste at normal cleaning times on the advice of your dentist, in situations where there is a high tooth decay rate. Apply as with normal toothpaste. Place small amount (approximately 1/3--1/4 brush head) on brush. DO NOT SWALLOW EXCESS.



    • •          Keep out of reach of children. 
    • •          Do not use for children under 10 years old. 
    • •          Do not swallow, spit out excess.
    •             Pregnant and breast feeding women should use caution when using this product and should consult their dentist or doctor



    • •          1.1% w/w Neutral Sodium Fluoride
    • •          Sodium benzoate
    • •          Sodium saccharin



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