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    Closys Mouthwash Large

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    Free tube of Closys toothpaste with every large bottle of Closys mouthwash. While stocks last....

    Closys Mouthrinse - The Gold Standard in Fresh Breath Treatment

    Closys Mouthrinse is the most effective malodour and antibacterial mouth rinse that I have encountered. It contains no alcohol and has an optional peppermint flavouring additive. For information regarding bad breath, follow this link: What causes bad breath?  It has also been linked with improvement in periodontal health in its users.


    Product Description:
    A 946ml large bottle of Closys Finishing Rinse contains Cloralstan (stabilised chlorine dioxide), as well as a vial of peppermint flavouring which may be added to the rinse if desired. PH is neutral

    Product Action:
    The active ingredient in Closys, chlorine dioxide,destroys the odour-causing substances in your mouth. These substances are called volatile sulphur compounds and they are the biggest cause of bad breath. Closys Mouthrinse is not just a cover-up product; it actually destroys the smells as well as the bacteria that produce them. 

    • It is alcohol, zinc and flavour free.
    • destroys hydrogen sulphide and methylmercaptan
    • increases oxygen contentin plaque and saliva which inhibits growth of periodontal disease causing bacteria
    • removes nutrients required for bacterial growth
    • neutralises enzymes released from bacteria

    Product Use:
    For superior results, use this in combination with Closys II Toothpaste. Rinse your mouth vigorously with about 15 ml of Closys II for 30 seconds and spit out. This can also be used with Oxyjet Oral Irrigator. However, it is not a replacement for proper flossing and brushing.


    • Not to be used by children under 12 years,
    • Keep out of reach of children,
    • Do not swallow the products.


    • Purified water,
    • Trisodium phosphate,
    • Stabilized chlorine dioxide,
    • citric acid
    • The flavour vial contains peppermint flavouring.

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