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    Verifresh Tongue cleaner

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    An excellent tongue scraper that removes the bacteria and their products that live in the very back of your tongue...essential

    Verifresh Tongue Cleaner is available in many colours. Lightweight and small head for greater manoeverability and control.


    • The tongue cleaner allows access to the back third of the tongue where the volatile sulphur compound producing bacteria reside.
    • The scraping edge of the tongue cleaner removes the bacteria that release these foul smelling compounds.
    • Should be used daily and the tongue scraper replaced every 4 months to make sure the scraping edge stays effective & aseptic.
    • Rinse it after use and store in some mouthwash.

    Research has shown that bacteria on the back of the tongue is responsible for 85% of bad breath cases. Tongue scapers are the most effective way of removing these bacteria and the food that they live on. It is not a substitute for brushing and flossing.

    1. Extend your tongue and then place tongue scaper at the back of tongue.
    2. Slowly move the scraper forward over the surface of the tongue.
    3. Repeat until tongue is clean.

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