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    Advantage control 35

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    Price: $4.00  QTY:        

    Buy 11 brushes and get an extra one for free.. Valid for all toothbrush orders!!!!!



    One of my favourite brushes because of its power tip and small head. At the moment while stocks last it comes with a neat storage container, great for home or travel.


    • Medium to Soft strength bristles with the added advantage of a penetrating power tip with longer bristles. This is excellent for areas where there is a little more space between the teeth or the  angle of the teeth makes dental tape less effective.
    • Also good for cleaning around erupting wisdom teeth as the bristles can penetrate around the flap of gum.
    • Bonus case with each brush sold
    • As with all toothbrushes, it should be replaced every 6-8 weeks.
    • One of my favourite brushes.

    Please see  Good Toothbrushing Technique 



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