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    GC Tooth Mousse Plus - Mint

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    GC Tooth Mousse Plus Mint – Strengthening Teeth and Reducing Sensitivity

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    This revolutionary product allows us for the first time to rebuild the surface of the tooth! Unlike normal GC Tooth Mousse, GC Tooth Mousse Plus has added fluoride! GC Tooth Mousse Plus is easy and pleasant to use! It reduces the sensitivity of the tooth, reverses acid attack, and prevents tooth decay. What more could you ask for? GC Tooth Mousse Plus is suitable for all ages.

    Product Description:
    GC Tooth Mousse Plus is a tube of cream with bio-available calcium and phosphate with fluoride. GC Tooth Mousse Plus comes in Vanilla, Mint, and Strawberry flavours. The tubes contain 35ml or 40g of cream.

    Product Action:
    Placing GC Tooth Mousse Plus on the tooth promotes uptake of calcium and phosphate minerals into the tooth surface. This helps reverse the effects of early decay and also reduces sensitivity in the tooth. GC Tooth Mousse Plus's patented formulation has significantly enhanced the uptake of these naturally occurring minerals back into the tooth structure.

    Product Use:

    1. GC Tooth Mousse Plus should be applied sparingly on the required surfaces with finger, or applied in dentist-made bleaching trays.
    2. Apply just before going to sleep.
    3. Use only as prescribed by your dentist.
    4. Useful for dry mouths, high decay rates, after orthodontic band removal, or cases of general sensitivity.

    Product Flavours:

    • Strawberry,
    • Mint,
    • Vanilla,


    • The active ingredient in GC Tooth Mousse Plu is Recaldent which is derived from milk casein,
    • It should not be used on people with a milk protein allergy,
    • GC Tooth Mousse should only be used on the advice of your dentist.


    • Pure water,
    • Glycerol,
    • 10%CPP-ACP,
    • D-sorbitol,
    • Silicon dioxide,
    • Xylitol,
    • Phosphoric acid,
    • Guar gum,
    • Zinc oxide,
    • Sodium saccharin,
    • Ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate,
    • Magnesium oxide,
    • Butyl p-hydroxybenzoate,
    • Propyl p-hydroxybenzoate.

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