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    February 16, 2012

    Toothbrushing myths


    Let's summarise, these are my all time greatest tips

    • Studies have shown that 2 mins with your toothbrush is the optimum time to spend brushing. More doesn't achieve a much greater result. On average most people only remove 36% to 50% of the plaque on their teeth.
    • Studies have shown that eating food does not remove plaque from your teeth.
    • Most people will only brush their teeth for 46 seconds
    • Round tips on the end of the nylon filaments are important so use a good tooth brush
    • Rotation-oscillation electric toothbrushes do remove more plaque that manual tooth brushes
    • Two minute timers on brushes are essential to allow you to know the time that you spend
    • Most people apply less pressure with an electric toothbrush therefore it is better for people with delicate gums
    • recession is mostly caused by bone structure and habit
    • Watch where you brush and think about it don't brush the same place over and over again
    • change your toothbrush every 4-6 weeks. Buy a bulk pack so you don't run out....
    • 6 months is the best time between professional cleans to maintain your motivation and also limit damage done by plaque
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