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    February 13, 2011

    Going to Thailand for your dental work

    Going to Thailand for your dental work?
    Please think again. Affordability is usually the driving motivation but unfortunately it often results in further dental costs, inconvenience and safety risks.
    As a practising dentist in Sydney, my warning is not based on an worry of loss of income for me personally on the contrary I see the results of dental tourism coming through my doors for correction.
    My worry is based in the disadvantages that go with travelling overseas for your medical and dental work.
    One of the main issues is accountability. Having left the country, patients have extreme difficulty in addressing the ongoing complications and failures with the dentist who carried out the procedure. These problems are often left to local Australian dentists on the patients return. Overseas dentists have different professional, moral, legal and ethical duties of care. I am not saying that all dentists who carry out this work are poor practitioners but the temptation for ‘near enough is good enough’ is too great for some, especially when they are not going to see someone again. Often the problems are not immediate but become apparent with the passage of time
    There are also the obvious issues of different standards of infection control, laboratory materials and appropriate training.
    The websites look glossy and professional, but this does not always indicate an ability to carry out the procedures promoted. to a standard which is acceptable.
    Dentistry in the 21st century is not just product based, we are a service-based industry with ‘after sales service’ and our costs must reflect this. It is not just the cost of training, running a business and providing safe and effective dentistry but also the accountability of the dentist in providing quality, well planned dentistry with consistent follow-up care.

    Any further questions happily answered
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