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    February 13, 2011

    Are you drinking bottled water?

    Fluoride in bottled water in Australia
    Recent rises in decay rates of Australians has been recorded. One quarter of Australian adults have untreated decay! Staggering….
    It is thought that one of the reasons has been the increase in the consumption of bottled water. Australians drink 150 million litres of bottled water per year at a cost of 123 million dollars!!
    Why do we drink it? Perceived purity, convenience, status and taste.
    We need to think again!
    In a study of 300 still bottled waters in Australia only 9% had a fluoride content that conferred any dental health benefit.
    The problem with all bottled water is that the fluoride content depends on the time of sampling and the source of the water, which can change. It is not regulated and there is much variation between bottles and brands.
    The 10 bottled waters that contained fluoride are
    Adam’s Ale Purified Australian Water
    Cactus spring
    Cool ridge spring water
    Hartz still spring water
    Life stream
    Nuqua spring
    Original Juice Co purified water
    Rejuvenate pure
    Ridgy Didge
    Mountain Brook Tasmanian Spring Water
    All other bottled waters contained NO fluoride that would confer any dental benefit.
    Please note that there was great variation within the samples and Fluoride content quoted on the label did not always correspond to the amount in the bottle which is understandable when you consider the variability of the source.
    In Sydney we have one of the cleanest and safest water supplies in the world which is regulated accurately and effectively. We now see very little fluorosis, which is caused by too much fluoride, this was often the result of over consumption of fluoride tablets and drops rather than our water source.
    Please use our beautiful and pure tap water and reap the benefits financially and at the same time optimise your oral health.
    All references provided on request
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