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    September 04, 2012

    The toothpaste dilemma



    The toothpaste Dilemma       


    Choice recently reviewed 17 popular toothpastes. The upshot of the article was that there is very little difference in toothpastes on the market today. Some you pay as little as $1.50 and others $13. In essence the article is correct however it is limited to the toothpastes they have selected.

    It is important to realise that the most important part of cleaning your teeth is the MECHANICAL action of the bristles on the gum line on all surfaces of the teeth NOT the ingredients of your toothpaste. Get this part correct and your choice of toothpaste should be one that contains fluoride and is pleasant to use.

    Having said this there are some toothpastes such as Colgate total which have benefits above others as it slows sown the process of the plaque becoming mineralised and adhering to the tooth surface. Also some of the toothpastes for sensitive teeth are effective at reducing minor sensitivity. This would include Sensodyne original, and Colgate pro-relief.

    The toothpaste market (and toothbrush market for that matter) is driven by marketing teams trying to set their product apart and most of it is just hype… the more you spend on marketing the greater the sales.

    These are my criteria when choosing toothpaste                                                               

    • ·        Must contain fluoride (500ppm for children under 7, 1000ppm for over 7 to adults and high strength 5000ppm for high caries risk)
    • ·        That’s it really apart from choosing flavours that you like. Children’s toothpaste are gimmicky but then if it encourages them to brush then I am all for it.

    This is what you do with it..

    • ·        Brush your teeth twice a day with a toothbrush directed at your gumline around all tooth surfaces
    • ·        Use dental tape or Piksters to clean in-between your teeth

    ·        Watch your diet, limit snacking on high acid or high sugar drinks or foods

    If you are concerned about the addition of sodium lauryl sulphate, please follow this link


    Happy brushing


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