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    August 30, 2012

    Do I need to clean my toothbrush?



    What’s on your toothbrush?


    There is no doubt that there are an enormous amount of bacteria on your toothbrush but should you be worried? Is it affecting your oral health or even your general health?

    Our mouths are full of bacteria and our bodies are designed to combat this but it is theoretically possible to re-infect or cross-infect viruses or bacteria with our toothbrushes. I know how much bleeding occurs when people brush their teeth so NEVER share a toothbrush!!!!

    From my research and experience these are my recommendations..

    ·        Change your toothbrush regularly. I do not go for more than 4 weeks with the same brush. This includes electric toothbrush heads

    ·        If you have been sick or members of your family have been sick CHANGE YOUR TOOTHBRUSH!

    ·        If the bristles are bent or splayed the toothbrush is NOT brushing effectively

    ·        Don’t keep toothbrushes so they are touching, unless you like to share infections!


    ·        Don’t store them in closed containers, bacteria love warm, wet enclosed spaces


    ·        Rinse your brush thoroughly after use

    ·        Soaking in an antibacterial mouthwash or rinsing brush before use in a mouthwash is effective in reducing the amount bacteria so go for it!

    ·        There are no studies that show toothbrush sanitisers reduce infections in the mouth or our bodies but don’t do any harm.

    ·        If you have any condition which effects your immunity or if you are undergoing chemotherapy then you need to be more vigilant about the cleanliness of your toothbrush and change it even more regularly

    Please contact me if you have any questions at surgery 9908 3466, advice@dentalcareproducts or facebook

    Dr Caroline Downing

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