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    June 07, 2012

    New Pro-Health Mouthwash from Oral-B


    Oral-B's new offering to the mouth wash market has some new ingredients and is alcohol free.

    Its active ingredients are Cetylpyridium chloride and Sodium fluoride

    The Cetylpyridium chloride is an anti-microbial, that is efective against most bacteria. It, however does not have the same support as chlorohexidine which is found in Savacol. In some research Cetylpyridium chloride has been shown to be not as effective as Chlorohexidine.

    The Sodium fluoride additon also slows down but does not kill bacteria and the flouride ions are available to strengthen the surface layer of the tooth structure.

    The product is alcohol free and instead has a preservative sodium benzoate.Although taking the alcohol out of Tooth and Gum care was a popular idea, the lack of alcohol or adequate preservative made the product susceptible to bacterial growth. And thus it was withdrawn from the market.

    Oral-B Pro-Health is similar to the US brand Crest Pro-Health

    For further information on this product please go to Oral-B Pro-Health

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